3 Tips for Shortlisting a Vendor for Annual Maintenance Contracts for Desktops

Annual Maintenance Contracts are a smart way of keeping a large number of systems up-to-date and in top working order without causing financial and personal stress. These contracts are highly beneficial but in order to reap the maximum benefits, research must be done in order to find out which contract suits you the best. Understanding the terms and conditions and figuring out what will help your particular business the most is of utmost importance.

Which Services Are Covered?

Annual Maintenance Contracts cover a wide range of services. These may include services necessary for the proper functioning of a particular desktop system or a set of desktops for which the AMC is being done.

Generally, periodical services are also provided. Under this type of a contract, servicing is done at regular intervals for the entire duration of the contract.

A service provider with transparent services and a flexible options should always be given a preference. Experience also plays a major role in determining how well a service provider will perform.

What Parts Are Covered?

Parts Covered

Most annual maintenance contracts also offer a cover for specific hardware parts and accessories apart from repair services. When choosing a maintenance and replacement deal for your spare parts, a few things need to be considered.

First, have a thorough look at the number and type of hardware parts that are being covered. Then compare their market price with the deal being offered by the service agency. If the overall cost of what you are paying for is considerably higher than the cost of the contract, then going for that maintenance deal is certainly a beneficial option.

Is It Cost-Effective?

Desktop Rentals

When finalizing a maintenance agreement, take the time to analyze the repair costs associated with the desktop which you want to be covered in the AMC.

You need to ask yourself questions like whether it is a better option to pay separately for all the hardware issues as and when you encounter them or all at the same time with an annual contract; whether your office is located in an area where getting unhindered support at any time of the day is a possibility? Whether the quality of the service is reliable?

By comparing the quality of the service being provided by your local service vendors to that being offered by an Annual Maintenance Contract, you will be able to find an option that is cost-effective and does not compromise on the quality.

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Leveraging the 'Sharing Economy' for Your Business

Typically, everyone prefers owning things instead of renting them. Our conventional ways have made us accustomed to the activity of buying rather than renting. Given the volatility of the world economic markets and the global hike of prices, people are turning to the new trend of renting. Within a few years, it will be far more acceptable to rent anything from property and cars to electrical equipment and computer software.

A definite advantage that the renters have that they don’t have to witness the money flowing out for bills and maintenance. When you rent a system, you just have to worry about the usage and the period that you are using it for.

Many factors come into play when deciding whether it makes sense to buy, including: your current cash flow, the local competition, how long you plan to use the system, rates and the tenure of the agreement. You even replace the system when it’s not needed or when you need an upgrade.

Renting a commodity allows more flexibility than owning the same. This is ideal for those who could be faced with sudden changes such as a system replacement. Renting requires no long-term commitment from a renter and is the best option if you don’t intend on using the system for a longer time.

You may think that it is best to buy a computer system, use it and recover some cost at the end of its life by selling it. In retrospect, technology advances so quickly that your computer will quickly lose its value as the years go by. A long-term rent allows you to claim the entire cost of rental, saving you money while you continue to your machines upgraded for free to current specifications during the rental period.

Renting means you can switch a desktop for a laptop as needed or increase and decrease your computer accompaniment when it is beneficial to do so. Computers can be a significant investment with high upfront costs. Renting allows you to have a known expense to pay at regular intervals without having to consider breakdowns or machines sitting unused if business needs a change. You can easily increase or reduce your computer related expenses as business picks up or slows down.

With the trends changing and renting being the newest, it is safe to say that renting is the way to procure profits while getting your hands on latest technologies.

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